Flat Roofing Solutions for Ontario

alignleftWhen a metal roof isn’t appropriate, due to a low pitch or flat roof requirement, our energy efficient flat roofing solutions will deliver years of energy savings, fire resistance, and protection. Along with outstanding warranties, our flat roofs provide a unique moisture barrier. You can rely on us for the quality installation of a flat or low-pitched roof for your residential, restaurant or other commercial property.

A Flat Roof is a Green Roof

The special thermal plastic roofing membranes reflect 90% of the heat that normally enters through the roof.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be installed over existing roofs 90% of the time, reducing landfill

Let it Snow, Let it Melt, Let it Rain

Season after season, our warranted flat roofing solutions will withstand ponding water on your roof. Ponding water will not affect performance of the roof, or the warranty. Our unique moisture shield protects your structure…so bring on the weather!

A Flat and Low Pitch Roofing Solution That Lasts

Our thermo plastic roofing solutions are warranted, backing up our quality products and workmanship. We’ll put it in writing.

Commercial and restaurant applications are warranted for 25 years, and are 100% non-prorated. Residential installations carry a lifetime warranty.