alignleftSteel Roof Shingles: A Worry-Free Roofing Option for Ontario

With the strength of steel, KasselWood guards and preserves the beauty your roof in Toronto, Kitchener, the Ottawa Valley and beyond.  Protect your home from damage by high winds, heavy snow loads, fire and rain while increasing energy efficiency.

Exclusively from Ontario Shake ‘N Tile, KasselWood Premier Steel Roofing:

  • Uses only high quality galvanized steel that has been tested to ensure its strength and longevity
  • Protects its steel with coating that add to its vitality and longevity

KasselWood roof shingles from Ontario Shake ‘N Tile offer the beauty of shakes and slate without the maintenance.  Artistically designed for maximum aesthetics,  a KasselWood roof lasts a lifetime and is energy efficient.

KasselWood Premier Steel Roofing:alignleft

  • Deep grooves and lines produce a visually appealing roofing profile that will accentuate and beautify any type of home
  • Distinctive colors enhance the beauty of the home while technologically advanced composition reduces the solar energy entering the home

alignleftQuality Steel Roof Shingles Installation in Ontario

Our expertise in helping you choose the best option for roofing your home comes with professional installation and great customer service.   We have years of experience in roofing  Ontario, and you can depend on us to deliver a quality roof that lasts.