alignrightQuestions About Metal Roofing

Ontario Shake ‘n Tile proudly represents Kassel & Irons, a leading manufacturer of quality steel roofing. Our premier steel roofing utilizes specialized coatings to protect your roof and reflect away the sun’s heat. The results are lower energy costs and a cooler home in summer. Attic heat gain can be reduced by up to 25%.

  • Are metal roofs noisier than other roofs?

    Based on tests with a decimeter, there is virtually no discernible difference between a metal roof and other roofing products with regard to noise levels in the living area.

  • Do metal roofs attract lightning?

    There’s no scientific data to support this myth. Lightning will seek the tallest structure (i.e. a pole, tree, or tower in the area).

  • Are metal roofs heavier than other roofs?

    Metal is one of the lighter products in use. Our KasselWood and KasselShake roofs, by Kassel & Irons are significantly lighter than other roofing materials.
    Here’s a comparison:

    KasselWood Shingles: 85 lbs./square
    Standard Composition Shingles: 210 lbs/square
    Cedar Shake: 220 lbs/square
    Architectural Shingles: 340 lbs/square
    Slate: 600 – 700 lbs/square
    Clay/Concrete Tile: 600 – 1000 lbs/square

  • Do metal roofs cost more than conventional roofs?

    Using Life Cycle costs, Kassel & Irons roofing systems cost less than a conventional roof. Our investment grade system increases your home’s value.

  • Will a metal roof rust?

    Our premium KasselWood and KasselShake roofs are made of 29 guage galvanized steel. The galvanizing process has been a prove rust inhibitor for more than 300 years. Couple this with the latest protective coating technology makes a Kassel & Irons roof a rust free system.

alignrightQuestions About Flat Roofing

When a metal roof isn’t appropriate, due to a low pitch or flat roof requirement, our energy efficient flat roofing solutions will deliver years of energy savings, fire resistance, and protection. Along with outstanding warranties, our flat roofs provide a unique moisture barrier. You can rely on us for the quality installation of a flat or low-pitched roof for your residential, restaurant or other commercial property.

  • What kind of material do you use to cover flat or low-pitched roofs?

    Ontario Shake N’ Tile uses a thermo-plastic material, called CPA membrane, to protect your low-pitch or flat roof from the elements, wear and ponding water.

  • What is CPA membrane?

    CPA stands for Co-polymer Alloy. The manufacturer of our flat-roofing products provide a CPA package of Nitril Rubber plus other modifiers which gives the formulation the greatest resistance to those chemicals which the roof may come in contact with, including fatty acids from restaurants and industrial manufacturing. The CPA formulation also has the highest resistance to U.V. of any product on the market today.

  • How does the CPA membrane hold up in climate changes?

    The inherent design of this CPA membrane was to withstand harsh climatic changes such as rapid freeze thaw cycles, quick thermo-shocks and high U.V. and wind exposure. These products have not only been tested in laboratories but by the elements themselves. All the roofs installed with our manufacturer’s membrane since 1979 are still in working order today.

  • Will ponding water affect my new thermo-plastic roofing system?

    Ponding water does not affect roofs we install with CPA membrane, its performance or the warranty. Ponding water, however can be a hazard if its weight compromises a building’s structural integrity, so it is always a good idea to keep ponding water down to a minimum.

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