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alignrightWith deep roots in the business of roofing Canada, Ontario Shake N’ Tile offers premier steel roofing products and flat roofing solutions for Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa Valley, Waterloo and the entire province of Ontario. We’ve built our business to serve home owners and business property owners with premier roofing solutions and a commitment to responsiveness, service and a great reputation.


Our sales professionals  will promptly meet with you, answer your questions and thoroughly review your roofing situation. Then, we’ll prepare an offer for the best roofing solution for your property.

Roofing Service

Our professional installation crews are friendly, tidy and factory-trained in both customer service and expert installation of our products.


We’re building our business for the future, so you can count on us to service your roof after the sale.

Metal Roofing and Flat Roofing Experts in Burlington

We’re very specialized in what we do…and we’ve done a lot of it. As one of Ontario’s largest professional roofing organizations, Ontario Shake N’ Tile covers a wide territory of service, both urban and rural, with a commitment to quality. We’re confident that we can provide the right roofing solution for you…a roof that lasts.

Metal Roofing Benefits

Ontario Shake ‘n Tile proudly represents Kassel & Irons, a leading manufacturer of quality steel roofing. Our premier steel roofing utilizes specialized coatings to protect your roof and reflect away the sun’s heat. The results are lower energy costs and a cooler home in summer. Attic heat gain can be reduced by up to 25%.alignright

Kassel and Irons Steel Roofing

Kassel and Irons Steel Roofing

Our steel roofs have been subjected to rigorous third party testing to ensure that you receive a roof that stands up to its claims.  Underwriters Laboratories’ has given our roofs the highest ratings in fire resistance, wind uplift and hail penetration.

  • Class “A” Fire Rating (UL790) Provides secure protection for you, your home and your belongings.
  • Class “90” Wind Uplift Resistance Rating (UL580) Warranted to withstand hurricane strength winds of up to 120 mph.
  • Class “IV Hail Impact Resistance Rating (UL2218) In order to simulate the velocity and destruction of hail, a two-inch diameter steel ball is dropped from 20 feet in the air onto a roofing sample. The simulation does not penetrate or otherwise tear through the steel, giving it the highest hail impact rating possible.

A Long Lasting Roof That Pays for Itself Over Time

Common asphalt and fiberglass shingles begin to deteriorate the instant they are installed.  The home’s beauty and security is quickly compromised by unsightly streaking and curling.   A home’s interior is at risk to high heat, water damage and the elements since asphalt shingles begin to lose their granules and inferior protective quality while the roof is only days old.  “Thirty year shingles” seldom last past ten to twelve, all the while keeping your energy costs high and your home unattractive.

Non-Prorated Lifetime Warranty

alignleftOur Lifetime/50-Year Transferable Non-Prorated Warranty serves as your reminder of the product’s protection.  Unlike many other roofing warranties, the Kassel and Irons warranty transfers to all future owners during the first 50 years after installation, is not pro-rated, and provides not only replacement materials but also replacement labor should a warranted failure occur.

Metal Roofing Features from Ontario Shake N’ Tile in Burlington

  • ThermoBond Finish offers a tight molecularly bonded texture for rugged durability and beauty
  • Proven fade resistance of Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® baked-on finishes
  • 4-way interlocking panels form a nearly impenetrable barrier against extreme weather
  • Deeply formed, authentic wood shake appearance
  • Installs directly to the roof deck without battens or exposed fasteners
  • A selection of 6 natural, multi-hued Thermobond colors and three new Foundation colors
  • Non-Prorated Lifetime Warranty/50-Year Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty
  • Installs easily over most old roofing without messy tear-offs
  • Wind tested for up to 120 mph
  • Steel’s high melting point and superior strength protect from fire and hail
  • Savings of up to 25% on summer cooling costs
  • Made from 30% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable reducing the carbon footprint of your home